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Levi Raleigh Brown

chamber works

word (2023)

String Quartet - 13'00"

i. empty adj.

ii. long v.

iii. empty v.

iv. (abun)dance n.

v. long adj.

Escalator (2022)

Alto Sax, Cello, Percussion, and Speaker - 25'00"

Text by John Barney

For Moving Lines Ensemble

The White on our Statues (2022)

Clarinet and Viola - 10'00"

Commissioned by Siren Duo

Anatomy of a Breath (2021)

Duet for alto saxophones - 6'00"

Written Charlotte Leung and Wade Dillingham

all that is little (2019)

Mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, bass, piano, and percussion - 7'00" 

Setting of a text by Kenneth Patchen

These Mountain Peaks (I Drink) (2019)

Flute and percussion - 6'30"

Written for and premiered by Wave Dash

God is an Alchemist (2019)

Bass trombone and organ - 10'30"

Commissioned by Juan Saldivar

On The Geometry of Farmland (2019)

String Quartet - 3'40"

Written for and premiered by the Arditti Quartet

Moments in Orbit (2018)

Alto saxophone, percussion, and optional piano - 11'30"

Commissioned by Charlotte Leung

Orbital Resonance No. 1: Pluto and Neptune (2018)

Multi-percussion duet - 6'45"

Commissioned by Brian Tremper and Dr. Robert LedBetter

Birds of the Flock (2018)

Clarinet Choir - 7'00"

Commissioned by the University of Montana Clarinet Choir

In Search of Wisdom (2017)

Four Performers and Fixed Media (4-channel) - 5'45"

Mischievous Sheep (2017)

Alto voice and prepared glockenspiel - 8'00"

The Actuator (2017)

Percussion Ensemble (6 players) and conductor - 8'00"

Commissioned by the University of Montana Percussion Ensemble

Includes optional choreography for the conductor

Runaway Tentacles (2017)

Theremin and timpani duet - 4'30"

Five Surfaces of a Pond (2016)

Oboe, bassoon, viola, cello, and vibraphone - 20'00"

Disproportionate Elephants and Unstable Steps (2016)

String Quartet - 5'00"

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