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Levi Raleigh Brown


I offer private and small group lessons in percussion, piano, composition, and theory, for students of all ages in the Iowa City area. My goal as a teacher is to guide students in developing musical understanding and skills through a creative and personalized approach. With each student, I create a unique lesson plan that works toward their individual goals while also developing creativity and a well-rounded understanding of music. 


Percussion lessons in the classical style are available for students at the beginner to intermediate level. I offer a practical approach that focuses on developing technical skills and musicianship on a variety of instruments including snare drum, mallet instruments (both with two and four-mallets), timpani, and auxiliary percussion. I also encourage students to experiment with sound and instrumental color, both with traditional instruments and found materials, in order to develop a love and understanding of percussive sounds.

Students may also choose to focus on a select instrument or group of instruments to study. Beginner drumset lessons are available for students who have some experience with snare drum.

Piano Keys
Drum Sticks


Piano lessons are available for beginner to intermediate students in classical, jazz, and popular styles. Generally, students will learn to read music and develop technical proficiency on the piano, as well as gain some understanding of music theory while learning pieces from the repertoire. Students who are interested may also or instead focus on skills from jazz and popular styles such as reading chord symbols, creating chord voicings, and soloing in various styles.

Composition and Theory:

I offer composition and theory lessons for students of any age and instrumental/vocal background. Each student will receive a personalized balance of composition and theory depending on their individual goals and strengths.

Composition Instruction:

In teaching composition, I aim to guide students toward their own creative goals and to help them develop their compositional voice. Along the way, I introduce compositional tools and concepts from music theory to advance their technique, and frequently assign listening to broaden their musical understanding, challenge their ears, and inspire their work.  Lessons also include compositional exercises, score study, as well as guidance and editing for a student's personal projects.

My own focus is in the classical style, but can also teach students writing within other genres. 

Theory Instruction:

For musicians looking to expand their understanding of music theory, I offer instruction in a broad range of areas. Lessons often include listening and compositional exercises to gain a practical understanding of theory in practice. Potential topics include:

  • Tutoring for a test or entrance exam

  • Fundamentals of common-practice tonal theory

  • Fundamentals of jazz theory

  • Chords and scales

  • Studies in form and structure

  • Studies in counterpoint

  • Studies in post-tonal theory


Half Hour Lesson: $15

Hour Lesson: $25

If you are interested in lessons, please email me at!

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