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Levi Raleigh Brown

open instrumentation and

improvisatory works

3 Motions for Cymbal on Bass Drum (2021)

Solo percussion - 5'30"

A part of the Half-Cultivated Music series

Improvisation for Melodica and Cymbal (2021)

Open duration

A part of the Half-Cultivated Music series

Meditation on Boiling Water (2019)

One to three players and boiling water - open duration

Contemplation on the boiling of water for tea

Music for Those Apart (2018)

Two or more players - open duration

Performers must be in different locations

and maintain a personal connection

Change Music (2018)

Postal piece for New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble

One to four players - open duration

Players use coins to determine pitch and note length

Invisible Hands (2018)

Four strings and percussion - 6'30"

Players respond to dice throughout the performance

The People on The Bus (2017)

Two performers and optional fixed media - open duration

Site-specific work to be performed on a bus 

This is the World when I am Still (2017)

Five or more players (found percussion) - 5'30"

Contemplation on a Fortune with "____" (2017)

Solo performer - 4'00"

Instructions for converting any "fortune"

or similar found text into a piece

One Minute (2016)

Solo piano or keyboard - 1'00"

A one-minute performance based on the current time

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